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We Can Do A Lot

"Dogs and philosophers do the greatest good and get the fewest rewards.


So what do we "Doobie-doobie-do" here at DogBrain Studios?

I'm SO GLAD you asked!


What DO we DO?

Graphic & Web Design

Mobile Development

Video & Animation

Content Development, Graphic Design,  & Web Deployment

As web designers there is a message we hear repeated over and over again, usually over cold beverages and cocktail weenies. The message is that because the tools have gotten so powerful that ANYONE, from a 10 year old gamer to a pensioner in a walker (presumably with some sort of cool laptop mount) can build a website. The Internet is littered with such sites, full of Dead Links, out of date content and riddled with viruses.

We don't Build websites like that, in fact we don't just build website at all.

We build relationships


- Before you build a Website you have to know what you want to say

Whether your message is something new and innovative or something as simple as "I want to sell some stuff", DogBrain Studios will help you develop it before we set the first Pixel to Screen.  The clearer your message is from the start the better the site will be

- Before you build a website you have to know who it is going to serve

Everybody loves a good gadget, especially web designers.  Sometimes though, the latest Internet gadget may be the LAST thing your audience wants to see. During the design process, Dogbrain's designers will help you identify your audience and will work with you to create a site that serves both you and your target market equally well.

- After you build a website you have to have a plan to keep it alive

As we said before, DogBrain Studios doesn't just build websites, we build relationships. Building a website is not like building a billboard on the information super highway, it's more like building an off ramp to your store or services.  To be effective, a website has to be a living, breathing, entity that changes to suit the traffic and even the season.  At DogBrain Studios we can ease the hassles of feeding and cleaning up after any new additions to your business.

Mobile Application Development

There seems to be a wildfire burning in the world of Mobile Application Development.  In a lot of cases that is great, we are living in an increasingly mobile world and disseminating information quickly and efficiently is great.


The trouble is that in the rush to develop more applications no one seems to want to pause for a moment and ask if mobile apps are always needed takes a DogBrain to ask questions like that.

- There ISN'T an APP for that (but there should be...)

Application development isn't for everyone, neither is it the rarefied environment it once was. If your business needs an effective mobile component to serve your clients there are a lot of different paths that DBS can use to get that for, without busting your budget

-Don't take sides in Culture wars, just reach your clients

At DogBrain Studios we learned a long time ago not to take sides. We won't tell you what party to vote for, where to get the best burger (or Pizza) or which phone to use.  All of those are certain to start an argument that will be a lot of things but productive is not one of them. We are in the business of solving problems, not creating them, and reaching your audience on whichever platform is right for you.

- When is an App NOT an APP?

We're so glad you asked us.


Often what you need isn't really a full blown Mobile Application but rather a smart Website that is savvy in regards to your client's needs.


Since we develop Websites as well as applications DogBrain Studios is well equipped to help you make the right decision in this regard

Video Compositing, Editing & Motion Graphics

We are living in a video world, and we are a video...anyway

Video is obviously no longer the stratified world of directors in berets and monocles barking orders.  When everyone has an HD camera  on their phone, as well as an app to edit the results, what can go wrong?  Well, all one has to do is go to YouTube and you can learn pretty quickly, cat videos and people setting fire to...things.

While the crew at DBS understands the labyrinthine inroads of Social media we approach it with the eyes of a crew that started editing film rather than Video.

- There is more to Internet Video than Cats Playing Pianos

...not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that, but if you are offering professional services or non-piano or cat-related-products that might  not be the best message to send. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth MILLIONS, and it behooves you to ensure that they are the RIGHT words. DBS can help you frame the dialogue from the start.

- There is more to Shooting Video than the Phone in your pocket

...not there is anything wrong with cel phone video, it's actually pretty cool, and we have been known to use it on occasion in a project when it was appropriate. Our video crew here at DBS has enough experience using everything from GoPro cameras to ARRI film rigs that they can tell you what IS actually appropriate for your shoot and know what they are talking about...

- I'm ready for my Green Screen Mr. Demille...

Digital technology has advanced to a point that makes technologies once only available to high end effects houses available to anyone for any job; the crew at DogBrain Studios knows this because we have been involved it effects from the start, moving from optical printers to After Effects.

Think this has no bearing on your business and the message you want to send? Think again.

The Process

It all begins with the Process, and the process begins with collaboration. No one is going to have greater knowledge of your clients than you.  As we have said before, at DogBrain Studios we don't build websites we build relationships and any good relationship begins with a conversation....

There is a popular misunderstanding of the term "Design", most people think that it primarily involves only the visual element of a Web Site/Film/Mobile Application.  Whereas that is a big part, there is a lot more to it than that.


On a website or application, design is heavily involved in how the information is broken down into logical components.  There is also Design in creating a navigational matrix so the viewer/visitor can find what they are looking for easily.


In an animation or video there is Design in framing a story and encapsulating the essential emotional components, all the while not distracting from the message being delivered.


Strategy doesn't always involve an "end around"...(well unless you are dealing with a nickel defense)


Strategy is simply planning for the most productive outcome.

In the world of modern communications, there are so many possible avenues for you to get the word out about your product of services that it can get a little overwhelming.


That's when having a DogBrain can come in handy.  Handy to identify your message.  Handy to condense it into a bite-sized tidbit.  Handy to help you get that message where it needs to go.


In the process Ideas are coin of the realm and to achieve the end result we need to spend them freely.  In a collaborative endeavor there are no bad ideas, just some that work better than others.


No one has a greater understanding of your clients and the message you want to convey to them then you do.


No one has a better understanding of how to make those ideas come to life than a great creative team, like DogBrain Studios.


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